The Lonely Loners Story

Life was peaceful and fruitful on a planet of humanoids called Lonely Loners. They were on the verge of technological advancements no other planet had achieved. But then the humans, seeing the potential in the power of their technology to become the ultimate weapon of war, took matters into their own hands. They set out on a mission of ultimate extermination to take the power of the Lonely Loners technology for themselves.

A small faction of Lonely Loners got the jump on the humans. As the last of their kind fled their planet for a better world, one where they could start over, they quickly realized that they were facing the extinction of their kind.

As they traveled through space on their spacecraft toward Lonely Loners Land, they came face to face with the space storm of the century. Having already fought for their survival, the Lonely Loners had one more fight to face as they tried to navigate a storm. Piloting better than himself, the Lonely Loners crash-landed on an uninhabited island planet.

The 3,500 Lonely Loner survivors now call this island planet home. This paradise is anything but, as they quickly discovered, there were no trees to provide shade or fruit from the much closer and harsher sun this planet faced every day. This magnificent island was their new home, and so they put all of their ingenuity to work to create shade and food.

As they came together, their loneliness quickly faded as they grew closer together to find ways to make this island planet their new home. There are several stages where our loners sow trees, save nature, and more to create the perfect paradise.

Do you want to enjoy the island paradise with the Lonely Loners? They’ve survived the extinction, space storms, and even a crash landing! There’s nothing they can’t do as they build and develop their island planet.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to become a part of the Lonely Loners club.

The Lonely Loners are a collection of 3,500 Lonely Loners—rare digital NFT collectibles that relax and thrive exclusively in the NFT island paradise metaverse. And their club is the illest of all clubs as it resides on an island planet with perfect year-round weather, white sandy beaches, and crystal clear warm waters.

Every Loner is genuinely unique and programmatically generated from over 55 possible traits. From their Hawaiian island shirts, accessories, and facial features, every Lonely Loner is the epitome of cool. Some have more style than others, but they’re hard to find.