Booze - Co-Founder

Where previously worked in the branding business and built up the necessary experience with it, Booze is now working in the field of making communities stronger for both digital and real life. Strategies are tailor-made to achieve the best results for the team and the community.


Andrew - Co-Founder

With a great experience in crypto and in the NFT space, Andrew founded Lonely Loners. He is a big Web3 fan and believes this will become big in the future. Andrew has a breathtaking love for animals and nature that made him eager to participate in this project in order to deliver real value to the world.


Luke - Web Developer

Luke has spent his entire childhood building childlike projects, more recently, he has been involved in the largest NFT projects building Web3 applications, conversion- oriented websites and designs. Now, he has dedicated his time to bring the Lonely Loners community together.


Nathan - Business Director

With a background in many different businesses, film industry, and great experience in social media, Nathan is the Business Director. This involves a strategic and creative role within this team where visual and textual elements come together.


Steven - Marketing Specialist

Steven built the necessary experience as a marketing specialist. For example, he worked for Google as a marketeer previously. In the last few years, Steven got more and more interested in the world of crypto and NFT’s. He’s glad to be part of this team where he can express and develop my marketing skills. Steven is silently a big fan of nature as well, so this project totally fits him.

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